Writing and Writing and Writing

I’m keeping it brief today because I’m trying to finish the WIP. Progress is slow. I’m close to being done with the first draft. And, yes, internal conflict is still giving me fits. I’m determined to slog through though, finish, and then step back and see what needs fixing.

In the meantime, here’s a brief scene from PeeWee’s Big Adventure that comes to mind as I turn over plot points and stare at my computer screen, occasionally talking to myself. Skip to 2:25 for the “knitting” line, akin to my writing and writing. Sigh.

Looking forward to my tequila celebration dance when this draft is done. You will all be invited. 🙂

Happy Writing!

P.S. My admiration for writers continues to grow, not that I ever thought it was an easy thing to do. But, seriously.

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