Works In Progress


Once Upon a Princess, the second book in steamy fantasy romance series The Lost Royals, released in September 2019. The series is set in a Georgian-inspired era. Royal and not-so-royal families vie for control while facing an ever-growing population of humans with magical powers. The Lost Royals is inspired by my love of fairy tales, historical and paranormal romance, and superheroes.

Once Upon a Princess is about a self-rescuing princess and a rebel prince. Once is a dual timeline with Kissed at Midnight.

My debut novel, Kissed at Midnight released in January 2019. Kissed at Midnight is about a mysterious prince who’s torn between his family and love.

I’m currently working on edits for the third book in the series, called Enchanted Rogue. The identities of the hero and heroine are under wraps for now. 😉 I’m planning to release Enchanted Rogue near the end of 2020.

Books four and five of the series will be out in 2021.

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