WordPress Newbie

Welcome to my WordPress site! I have been happily poking around, trying different themes, wishing I knew more than three types of widgets, and just generally attempting to get my blog set up over here. I have lots of ideas about how I want it to look and what features I want to include, but I have a new appreciation for the complexity of putting it all together. A very deep appreciation. Whew!

I have a perfume bottle I’ve been eyeing as an inspiration for what I want my site to look like. I think this theme gets the closest and I am really loving it.

Hopefully you will find this site easier to view, comment, and, in the future, visit for more updates and purchase links for my books.

I also created at Pinterest account today and, again, in the next few days, hope to create a link over here to that. I’ve had a personal pinterest page for almost two years now, and it has included writerly pins on it. I’m looking forward to, more directly, feature some of the pins that I use for inspiration on my blog too.

It’s been quite a day.

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