Sunday Snippet: A Conversation with Zara

I feel a little guilty about what I’m doing to my heroine. It’s a common enough trope, although that wasn’t why I chose to use it. In Romancelandia, you have to bring people together and keep them that way for a while. Then apart, then together again. It’s a process. Meet-cutes tend to happen under extraordinary circumstances. Having the hero, Callum, kidnap her–*cough, cough*– accomplishes that, along with a bit of danger. See? Not nice. Hence, the guilt. But I’m doing it anyway. 
I know my heroine will be okay and you, as the reader, likely know that too. What I’ve been struggling with is how or whether or when my heroine will know that. I figured that out. That is for another post though.
Here is a conversation with Zara, my heroine. She’s a tad reluctant to see herself in the role of protagonist. That’s why I’m dragging her into it. She’ll be fine though. 

Thank you for wanting to write a story for me but, truthfully, I’m not sure I’m heroine material. Other than the princess aspect, I’m not pining away in a tower. I have much to prepare for as the heir to the throne and I have no time for silliness and adventure and love. What good would that do me? I have duties to fulfill and a demanding queen to try to please. I have responsibilities.

Yes, I have fun. Times I spend with my sister are fun. She can be rather silly. You should write a story about her. Me first? Well, that’s…that’s awfully kind of you. And it’s a romance? I’m betrothed already and it is no love-match. He has been quite gentlemanly if a bit mysterious. He is handsome but not my type. Not that I have a type.

You want to know how I’d feel if someone from my past kidnapped me? What kind of a question is that? Is this a person who would want to hurt me? No? But he’s pretty desperate? What good could come from kidnapping me, other than a ransom?

Why I…I have no idea how I’d feel. I supposed I would be anxious to get back home once I got over being scared. We princesses do train for that though. Calm under pressure and all that.

There is one person from my past whom I wouldn’t mind stealing me away. A boy I almost fancied. But he died. Callum was…unique. Free. It was an eventful summer when I met him. He was so charming and dashing and handsome. Exactly what you would picture a young prince to be. Some can be rather petulant you know. But he was exuberance and light. I can’t even imagine him stealing me away. That would be…exciting.

Maybe that would be a good story.

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