Revising and Drafting My Query Letter

So as I mention frequently on twitter, I am in the editing phase(s) of my second WIP. It’s fun, it’s exhausting, and it is exciting to go through different layers and make adjustments. Sometimes it’s just a little polish–or heaping globs. Sometimes I’ve had to rewrite 90% of a scene. Still, it must be done. It is yet another aspect of the writing process in which my appreciation has grown.

Something I’ve decided to do while I work on edits is start drafting my query letter. I know, I know. One thing at a time. I find that moving ahead to the next step, even partially, helps me work faster.

What’s that? Querying is a version of hurry up and wait hell? Yeah, I suppose it is. I’m excited for that phase of the process though, as it will mean that my manuscript is ready to be sent out. Done. Like, really done. Yay!!

What I wanted to share on the blog is something that happened when I was writing a draft of my query letter. I have notes about what to say, that I need to present a choice and consequences (stakes) for those choices. Cool. And super freaking hard. What I started doing was free-writing about my characters, who they are and what they want. Sadly, I did not include anything about sexytimes. Since I don’t write erotic romance, that likely isn’t going to help my query. But, you know, maybe some day. (*Ainsley wonders what queries of erotica are like…)

Okay! I’m back. So, what happened was I wrote a little blurb from my villain’s perspective. It’s not perfect but it was the best, most concise paragraph that came out of my free-writing session. I thought I would share it. Here you go:

A rebellion challenges King Gracchus’ hold on his kingdom. All he wants is within his grasp, if only his nephew marries the L’Ortagian princess and aligns their countries. On the eve of the wedding, she disappears, leaving her younger sister Kerensa. It was foretold that Kerensa’s death will ensure Gracchus’ reign, if he can blame it on the rebels. Can Gracchus have the wedding and the sacrifice his dark gods demand?

Gracchus, my villain, is demanding, blood-thirsty, and power-hungry. He totally earned the nickname The Usurper. I am not surprised that the guy took over my query writing process too. It was concise, but not exactly helping. Ah, well.

Happy writing, editing, and querying! Enjoy the process, whatever it is, right?

Special thanks to my amazing CPs for their fabulous–and super helpful!–advice on my query draft!! <3!

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