Pardon the Construction


Please don’t mind the mess. I’m updating my website, deciding what needs to stay (and how to get it where I want it) and what needs to go. I love this new theme. It’s called Sela. I’m just trying to figure out how I want it to look. I’m going for something more streamlined.

I’m also deciding on the layout: blog version or more of a landing page. Gah. Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, it’s June and that means it’s JuNoWriMo. I love WriMos. So, while I’m a few days behind, I want to use this month to finish drafting my third WIP, tentative titled Quinnah’s Rogue. I’m at the 60% mark, so there’s a ways to go. Unlike my second book, this hero is darker. He has a devious side–and isn’t afraid to use it. And my heroine, Quinnah, is not afraid of him. Maybe she should be. I’m really excited about it. Their scenes are so much fun to write!

So, in between writing sprints, I’ll be putzing around the site, rearranging and tweaking. Thanks for stopping by! Tell me what you think.

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