Writing Cave

It’s Friday, the sun is shining, there’s no rain in the forecast. It’s gorgeous out there, but all I want to do is hole up and write. I could maybe take my laptop and headphones and write outside… But none of that can happen until tonight, well past sundown. Spring with its sports, holidays, and […]

Be Smarter Than Me

I could have called this post something like How To Save Yourself Some Money, but aside from the financial hit I’m anticipating, I’m really dealing with feeling stupid. And careless. I hate that. So, here’s what happened and I hope you can learn from my (silly!) mistakes or feel good about already taking such precautions […]

Belated Blogiversary

A little over a year ago I started my blog and wrote my first blog post. The actual date of my blogiversary is February 24th, but I was a lot under the weather, so delayed really marking the occasion on the blog until life slowed down. It hasn’t yet. Ha! But I did want to […]