JuNoWriMo and New Adult Projects

Hello! I met my wordcount goal today, so I’m feeling like I have the time (ha-ha) to blog. But, in fact, I do! It’s nearly summer and that means that JuNoWriMo, the June Novel Writing Month, cousin to the popular November version, is here. I’ve “done” JuNo for a few years now, but I’ve yet […]

Another NaNo Victory!

Last weekend I completed and won my third NaNoWriMo! This year was a bit (*cough, LOT) more of a roller-coaster than I remember the last two years being. I had a few zero wordcount writing days as well as two of my highest wordcount days ever–7300 and almost 9000 words. Whew! Yeah. I’m looking forward […]

Character Brains

In both plotting and revising, one of the issues I keep coming up against is the difficulty of setting up major conflicts in my stories. Difficult, but fun. Maybe it gets easier? Gulp. Sometimes I’ll step back from writing a section and scratch my head, wondering if I’ve made a character too smart or too […]