Another NaNo Victory!

NaNoWriMo 2015 Winner BannerLast weekend I completed and won my third NaNoWriMo! This year was a bit (*cough, LOT) more of a roller-coaster than I remember the last two years being. I had a few zero wordcount writing days as well as two of my highest wordcount days ever–7300 and almost 9000 words. Whew! Yeah.

I’m looking forward to finishing this novel, that has a working title of A Kingdom Between Us. It’s about a returning prince who is reclaiming his throne. He falls in love with…a maid. So, I’ve tried to add several twists to a couple of old tropes. I’m really excited about this story and so happy to be just over 50,000 words in on the first draft.

As always, the support I got for NaNo from my family was amazing. (Thank you, Mr. Wynter!) I also think that the NaNo community is wonderful. I probably tap into only 2% of it, but knowing you are not alone in this far-fetched goal helps keep me focused.

In the last week, I’ve really enjoyed being able to read (guilt-free) again. Sigh.

Happy reading and writing!

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