Another Day, Another Learning Curve

Welcome to any and all who have found me on yet another website. Although, the exciting news is that with this website, it is actually from my OWN domain name. Woo! Still figuring out how I want things to look, with an eye for it being visitor-friendly. I am missing the gorgeous image from another site and may need to see if I can track it down and use it as my header. Sigh. So pretty.

On the (more important) writing front though, I am anxiously awaiting plotting my next WIP and going through the editing process for the draft I finished back in late August. I believe it has sat, untouched, for long enough. Thankfully, once the big technology issues–website, moving the blog, etc.–are tackled in the next few days, I can get back to more of a focus on my writing.

Once again, I have a whole new appreciation for webdesign, widgets, etc., etc. Holy moly.

Happy writing and good reading. I’ve had the good luck of finding two fav new authors. Always a good thing! 🙂


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