I write romance because I love the genre. I read my first romance novel in junior high and have been hooked ever since. Romance has it all: a chance to escape, adventure, struggle, angst, tenderness, sexytimes (in all varieties), as well as knuckle-biting how-will-they-work-it-out endings. Even though we know love wins in the end, wondering how those characters will be able to be together captivates me. Yay! And, of course, I do this whenever I watch television or see a movie too. I’m a total shipper, shamelessly so. Romance is it for me.

I’ve loved fairy tales since I was little. Rapunzel is my all-time favorite. Nowadays, I’d much rather she take more of an active role in escaping her tower. When considering what type of romantic stories I wanted to write, fairy tales were a great fit. (*cough, they had a resurgence a few years ago as well as a hit tv show.) While I don’t write fairy tales, I do use certain elements, namely magic, in my paranormal romance stories.

I’m also passionate about social justice. I’m writing a contemporary series about college students who are Peace Scholars.

In my day job I use plenty of empathy. Often, I’m trying to up the stakes for my characters, so empathy for them comes later. Still, I love a story that moves me–and bonus if it makes me laugh. Those are certainly my goals in writing too.

I live in the midwest with my awesome husband, three wonderful kids, and three kitties. In my spare time, I love dancing, baking, gardening, and reading.

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