About the Author

Ainsley Wynter writes romance because she loves the genre. She read her first romance novel in junior high and has been hooked ever since. Romance has it all: a chance to escape, adventure, struggle, angst, tenderness, sexytimes (in all varieties), as well as knuckle-biting how-will-they-work-it-out endings. Even though we know love wins in the end, wondering how those characters will be able to be together captivates her. Yay! And, of course, she does this whenever she watches a show or sees a movie too. She’s a total shipper, shamelessly so. Romance is her favorite genre.

Ainsley’s loved fairy tales since she was little. Rapunzel is her all-time favorite. Nowadays, she’d much rather Rapunzel would take more of an active role in escaping her tower. When considering what type of romantic stories Ainsley wanted to write, fairy tales were a great fit. (*cough, they had a resurgence a few years ago as well as a hit tv show.) While she doesn’t write fairy tales, she does use several elements, especially magic, those faraway settings, swashbuckling heroes, heroines you love to root for, surprising secondary characters, and fantastic clothing in her fantasy romance stories.

Ainsley’s also passionate about social justice. If you follow her on social media this is not new information. 😉 She tries to incorporate such themes in her writing.

In her day job she uses lots of empathy. She absolutely employs that for her characters. She really wants to try to understand how they would feel and think in certain situations, and what kinds of things motivate them. Still, she loves a story that moves her–and bonus if it makes her laugh. Those are certainly Ainsley’s goals when she’s writing too.

Ainsley lives in the Midwest with her awesome husband, three wonderful kids, and three cats. She also loves dancing, reading, Real Housewives, and all things stationery.

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