Once Upon a Princess

The future of two kingdoms, and two stubborn hearts, are all that’s at stake

The second book in my steamy fantasy romance series is out! I’m so excited  for you to read Zara and Callum’s story. It’s got: a self-rescuing princess, a rebel prince, forced proximity, telekinesis, and on-the-run smexytimes. HEA guaranteed.

A vengeful rebel…

Forced to live in hiding after his family is assassinated, Prince Callum of Embury leads the rebellion to restore his family to the throne. Knowing only grief and revenge, Callum searches for a chance to destroy the king and rebuild his alliances.

A protective princess…

For Princess Zara of L’Ortagia service to her people comes first, while hiding her magical abilities. When the queen commands her to wed the Emburian heir, Zara flees the night before the ceremony—ready to aid the rebels, protect her country from a madman, and discover whether the dashing man who helps her escape is truly who he says he is.

Two passionate hearts…

On the run from the king’s forces, Callum and Zara form a fragile alliance while fighting a growing attraction. Torn between their allegiances and their passion, they find solace in each other. But can the magical princess and the rebel prince find a way to build a kingdom together?


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Catch up with the first book in The Lost Royals series:

Kissed at Midnight

Princess Sidony of L’Ortagia serves as the queen’s hostess, leaving affairs of state to her sister Zara. During a masquerade ball, Sidony kisses a handsome stranger only to discover he’s Prince Adrian of Embury, a man with a fearsome reputation and the emissary sent to arrange her sister’s marriage. Worried her actions will damage the budding alliance, she convinces Adrian to forget the incident…even if she cannot.

Adrian roots out traitors in his uncle’s kingdom of Embury using his magical abilities. When he’s sent to arrange a wedding for his cousin, a kiss in the moonlight gives him a taste of what he’s been missing. Sidony is everything his life is not: laughter, warmth, and passion. But the king maintains an unbreakable hold over him, hiding his family in exchange for Adrian’s loyalty to the crown.

After Zara disappears on the eve of the royal wedding, Adrian’s orders are to stay and maintain the alliance with L’Ortagia. But Sidony’s effect on his powers and his heart becomes too strong to deny. When he has a chance to rescue his family and throw off his royal ties, will he take it, knowing he’ll have to leave Sidony? Or will the dark prince abandon his past to be with the one woman who brought his cold heart to life?

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