Works In Progress

2E7DE661A5(1)I love fairy tales and historical romance. I also love superhero stories–my current favs are Wolverine, Captain America, and Supergirl. So when thinking about what kind of stories I wanted to write, I thought having characters who have (hidden) powers would work well with the magical elements of fairy tales. I decided to set them during the Georgian era, roughly the 1780s, because it was a time of massive social, cultural, and political upheaval. The Enlightenment meets magic.

The series I’m working on spans fantasy kingdoms and the royals and not-so-royals who inhabit them. Each novel focuses on one couple and how they fall in love, including the perils standing in their way. I’m querying agents for book one. Books two through four have been drafted and are waiting to be edited.

I’m also writing a New Adult Romance series about college students who are Peace Scholars.

Check out my blog for posts on my writing progress, self-care of writers, and various thoughts on the world of Romancelandia.

Stay tuned and thanks for checking out my website!