Works In Progress


My current WIP is the first book in a New Adult series about college students who are Peace Scholars. Following their junior year, each class of Peace Scholars comes from across the country, to attend a month-long summer program at Reeve University, in the small town of Sterling, Kentucky. By the end of their Junior June, they have to present a project, the culmination of an area of interest. The first book is about Savannah, a woman who knows how to get in her own way, and Dev, the grad student who tutors her.

I also write paranormal romance. From my combined love of fairy tales, historical romance, and superheroes, I’m writing a planned five-book series that spans fantasy kingdoms. Royal families vie for control while facing an ever-growing population of humans who possess magical powers. The stories are set during the Georgian era, a time of massive social, cultural, and political upheaval. The Enlightenment meets magic.

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